P Personal Finance

Personal finance is like building a house: You want to make sure your foundation is strong before building on top of it. This platform is structured to help people take control of their finances and build wealth, inspired by real life experiences. Almost all your big dreams, like traveling the world and buying my own house, required a baseline of understanding about money. There are countless resources out there about personal finance and investing, but we help cut through the noise for you.

Unless you're in the small percentile of people who are have received a large inheritance or trust fund or won the lottery, you need to build your wealth from scratch. And, that's not the easiest of goals. Between stagnating wages, growing debt, and a considerable increase in the cost of living, this seems futile. However, if you practice the tips provided on this platform, you will be able to drive your financial growth to the finish line.



What is financial freedom to you? A general desire for it is too vague a goal, so get specific. Jot down "how much you should have in your bank account, what the lifestyle entails, and at what age this should be achieved,". The more specific your goals, the higher the likelihood of achieving them.

Count backward to your current age and establish financial mileposts at regular intervals. Write it all down neatly and put the goal sheet at the very beginning of your financial binder.



Living below your means doesn't mean being a "cheapskate" or missing out on life experiences. Rather, it "simply means that you're spending less or equal than you're making each month''. As a result, you aren't putting yourself into debt by living off of loans. And more importantly, this will help you create a more stable financial future.

Living within your means requires discipline and a little sacrifice. However, if you stick with it, you'll reap the following rewards, in addition to avoiding debt:

• Less stress and anxiety

• It makes you more successful and healthier.

• You won't obsess over your credit score.

• The ability to build wealth.

• You'll have more freedom.

• You'll have financial security


How can you realistically live within your means without depriving yourself? Well, here are a couple of suggestions: